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Becoming A Member

The Collegiate Public Forum League requires that all schools routinely participating in CPFL competitions register as a Member School. Member Schools gain access to high quality training materials, resources for competition, and more. Member Schools are required to abide by CPFL Policies and Procedures, which can be found here. There is an annual membership fee of $50 to become a CPFL Member School. Fee waivers are available for programs in need of assistance. Click here to apply for a fee waiver.

Online membership payments may be made using the link below.

CPFL Membership Benefits

All CPFL Member Schools gain access to participate in CPFL sanctioned tournaments, including our slate of six virtual competitions for the 2022-23 year.

CPFL Member Schools gain access to our developed resources to assist in team building, recruitment, teaching, and more. 

All CPFL Member Schools - students and coaches - are encouraged to participate in our online novice classes, hosted each semester.

All CPFL Member Schools receive access to our "Starter Evidence Kits", which provide debaters and coaches with pre-cut evidence on the current topic.

All CPFL Member Schools are invited to attend CPFL hosted workshops that tackle specialized areas, such as our National Championship Prep workshop.

CPFL Member Schools are encouraged to participated in yearly topic submissions to have influence and input over the upcoming season's debate topics.

CPFL Member Schools

Oxford College of Emory University
Ishan Rao
University of Michigan
Aaron Kall
Elijah Smith
The University of Tulsa
Keaton Kopp
The University of Texas at Austin
Brendon Bankey
Missouri Valley College
David Bowers
California State University - Northridge
Hunter Sansom
Cal State Fullerton
Max Bugrov
Saint Cloud State University
Scott Wells
Vanderbilt University
M.L. Sandoz
University of Minnesota
David Cram-Helwich
University of Mary Washington
Adrienne Brovero
University of Kentucky
Dave Arnett
Texas A&M University
Brianna Byrd
Stanford University
Brian Manuel
Simpson College
Spencer Waugh
Idaho State University
Sarah T. Partlow Lefevre
Georgia Tech University
Foothill College
Steve Clemmons
Arizona State University
Adam Symonds
Gaming Team in Navy

Starting A Team Once You're A Member

Register With Your University

Recruit Team Members

Register For A Tournament

Prepare For Competition

Attend Your First Tournament

The CPFL requires that all Member Schools receive permission from their University/College to compete. The first step to participating in CPFL competitions is to receive approval from your University administration.

In order to participate in CPFL competitions, you'll need students who want to debate! For help on recruiting, check out our resources here. Ensure you set up debate practices to help your team prepare together!

Once you have received University approval and recruited some debaters, it's time to register for a CPFL Tournament. Learn more about CPFL tournaments, here!

Now that you are signed up for a tournament, you need to prepare for competition! Research the topic, write speeches, engage in practice debates, and more. Utilize the CPFL free resources to help prepare for our tournaments, here!

The final step to starting a Debate Club is to attend your first debate tournament! Remember, while winning is fun - even showing up to the tournament is an accomplishment that you should be proud of!

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