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CPFL Policy and Procedures Manual


CPFL Format



To be eligible for CPFL debate, students must be current undergraduates in good standing with their institution.


A student must represent a recognized degree granting institution and participate with the full knowledge and approval of that institution. 


Ordinarily, a team will consist of two persons from the same school. 


As a pilot program in 2021-2022, a narrow exception may be made for hybrid teams (with one member from each of two different schools). Hybrids are permitted under certain conditions: 

  • No school is permitted to have more than one debater participating as a member of a hybrid team. 

  • Hybrid partnerships must demonstrate significant program building efforts at their respective institutions to be eligible for the CPFL National Championship. Examples include achieving club or team status, recruitment of new members, developing active links with faculty or administration, receiving university funding, etc. 

  • Hybrid teams will not meet teams from either of the students’ two schools in preliminary or elimination rounds.


A competitor who judges in the Open division shall forfeit any remaining eligibility to compete in future CPFL tournaments.

Student Eligibility
Students During Break
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