The College Public Forum League will release two topics for the 2021-2022 season and will use a domestic and international topic area rotation. The first topic will be used for tournaments in October, November, and December. The second topic will be used for February, March, and the National Championship in April. The first semester topic will be released August 15th and the second semester topic on December 15th.


Fall 2021

Resolution for the Fall 2021 CPFL topic is: Resolved: When in conflict, the United States' obligation to protect public health outweighs the preservation of individual freedom.

Spring 2021

Resolution for the Spring 2022 CPFL topic is:

Fall 2022

Resolution for the Fall 2022 CPFL topic is:

Spring 2022

Resolution for the Spring 2022 CPFL topic is:


The CPFL will engage in a community-led process of topic nomination and voting, within the parameters set by the League for topic rotation.